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THe 2020 Hall of Fame AND Alumni Banquets have been cancelled(3/16/2020)

Even though our esteemed high school was closed in 1986, the South Hills High School Alumni Association (SHHSAA) is still an active organization promoting the extraordinary impact this outstanding educational institution has had on tens of thousands of students in the South Hills area of the City of Pittsburgh, PA.  1917-1986. 

SHHSAA was originally founded in 1920 by the 1917 graduates then formally reactivated in 1961.  It is an active organization with approximately 2,000 members!  The 54nd Annual Hall of Fame/Scholarship dinner dance will be held at the Crowne Plaza South, near South Hills Village.

Our Mission 

SHHSAA is a dynamic non-profit organization that is organized exclusively for social and charitable purposes, more specifically to: 

  1. Unite the alumni in a spirit of fellowsip and pride in the former Pittsburgh Pennsylvania South Hills High School (SHHS)   One way is through our annual Hall of Fame/Scholarship dinner dance where former students are recognized for their life time achievements as well as the impact they have had since graduation.
  2. Chronicle accomplishments of and items of interest to alumni via e.g. a regularly published newsletter  which is currently published 6 times a year and
  3. Raise funds to provide scholarships for worthy qualified students related to our members.  This is accomplished through various fund raising activities, such as our annual Dinner/Dance in the spring and the sale of assorted SHHS memorabilia.   100% of donations earmarked for scholarships are disbursed as scholarships.

We currently have over 2,000 members residing all over the USA and Canada.  In 1961, we became the first, and currently the largest, most active High School Alumni Association to have been organized in the City of Pittsburgh, PA.  Interesting, however, is that in researching for the history book, records indicate that it was actually formed in 1920 by the first graduating classes of 1919.  It was disbanded somewhere along the way (possibly during the depression years).   

Our annual membership dues are a modest $10.00 per year.  It's the membership dues that support the newsletter and organizational expenses.  This is a 100% volunteer organization.

If you attended our outstanding high school for at least one semester, we would be delighted to have you as a member.  Or, if a previous SHHS administration or spouse of deceased member, may be accepted as an Associate Member. Provide the information requested on the Membership page and send your check payable to SHHSAA for $10.00 Complete the Application.

The South Hills Hall of Fame recognizes the work of the alumni who are outstanding representatives of the school.