SHHS Alumni Association is unique in that it continues to offer scholarships to relatives of its graduates.  The deadline for applying is April 1 of the coming year.  Download the application here.

Your grandchild, niece or nephew, or even grand niece or grand nephew could qualify!


The New Year Approaches

As we approach the holidays it is important that you consider the younger relatives who will be applying for college admission.  Remember to remind them that the Alumni Association has Scholarships available.   Be sure they get the form from SHHSAA.COM and apply in a timely manner.

There are several NEW things happening in the SHHS Alumni Association.

  • The SHHS Athletic Hall of Fame will hold their first ceremony on April 28th.  More information to come.
  • The Dinner Dance will be held on April 29th.
  • The Sesame News quarterly newsletter will be downloadable from the SHHSAA website.

All are steps forward  and ‘something new’…

Remember to pay your dues if they are ‘due’.


The Annual Dinner Dance Approaches

If you need to think about Spring, why not plan to attend the Annual SHHS Alumni Association Dinner Dance on April 30th.  Get a few friends together and reserve a table.  Make it your ‘annual’ mini reunion!   The form for reservations is on the SHHSAA. com website.

Additionally, you may know one of the inductees to the SHHS Hall of Fame.

Elsie Redmon Henderson 6’29, with a passion for the culinary arts, graced the kitchens of the Mellons, Kennedys and Heinzes; best known for her work as Fallingwater chef for the Kaufmanns; featured in “The Fallingwater Cookbook: Elsie Henderson’s Recipes & Memories” published in 2008; known in Pittsburgh as the “other Elsie.”

Jacob R. Minsinger 2’44, a city institution having served 55 years with the Pittsburgh Public Schools, grandson of one of Mt. Washington’s earliest original settlers; teacher and principal of several Pittsburgh schools; principal of Conroy Education Center, a then leading edge school serving students with special needs.

James B. Schmunk  2’46 D.Ed, impressive leadership, tireless, professional contributions in virtually every aspect of school functions; teacher, principal, Asst Superintendent, Project Director, Curriculum Director or Head of Educational Center in the Pittsburgh, Baldwin Whitehall, Carlynton, Churchill Area, Allegheny Intermediate School Districts; Chairperson Assoc. of Children with Learning Disabilities since 1984.

John R. Krause, M.D. 6’58, Professor of Pathology/Hematology Medical College of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia); Professor of Pathology University of Pittsburgh; Chairman, Department of Pathology, Tulane University Medical Center; currently Professor of Pathology Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas); teacher; published extensively

Bryant J. Salter 1967, one of greatest cornerbacks at University of Pittsburgh and All American in Track & Field; successful six year career in the NFL; prestigious United States diplomat US State Department of Foreign Service, founded international consulting firm – Business Diplomacy Consulting, LLC.

Rania L. Harris 6’68, a high-energy local radio and TV personality; has her own “Cookin’ with Rania” show on KDKA-TV channel 2; One of Pittsburgh’s Celebrity Chefs, since 1985 has owned her own business, Rania’s Catering in Mt. Lebanon, serving lunch, featuring her own product line and conducting cooking classes.

Kirk M. Bruce 1971, a standout shooting guard as part of the famed 1973-74 Panthers in one of the greatest college basketball teams to come out of Pitt; drafted by Utah Stars – former American Basketball Association; University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department for more than three decades in both coaching and administration and day-to-day operations of several Olympic sports.

Philip A. Miscimarra  1974, one of five U.S. Senate approved members of the National Labor Relations Board; partner of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP, senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School; J.D. from University of Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania Law School.

I hope you can make it!



It’s that time of year!

December is a time of giving.  I know that many alumni have donated time and energy to our Alumni Association, and this makes our mission easier to accomplish.

Some of us live too far away.  We have fond memories and many good friends from our high school days.  It is good to get together to see how we all ‘turned out’.

As I was updating the Scholarship Application paperwork for the coming year, I thought to remind you of this terrific opportunity.  When you see your family this season remind the young folks to APPLY for an SHHS Scholarship!  My daughter and my niece were lucky awardees a few years ago.    The application is open to any relative of a SHHS graduate!

Perhaps you can plan to be in town for the Annual Dance in the Spring!  Visit the Website for more information.

Lastly if you just want to support scholarships via a donation, that too would be appreciated.

I hope your season of ‘giving’ includes your Alma Mater!

An Emotional Trip

Bus Trip to Flight 93

By Joan Kenders Astrab ’60

I was on the September 12 bus trip to the Flight 93 and Quecreek Mine sites. Forty-two SHHS alumni and guests took advantage of this opportunity led by Norm Voigt ’60.

Many on the bus reflected on their whereabouts on that infamous 9/11 date. Once arriving at the Memorial, we walked down the Flight Path Walkway. There were no words to express the emotion each felt while visiting the exhibits at the Visitors Center Complex – pictures of the passengers and flight crew, the story on Flight 93, listening to actual tapes, or recognizing the heroic action taken by ordinary people.IMG_7889

One can walk the ¼ mile to the actual crash site and debris field and see the Wall of Names. At this site there is a deathly silence and one knows that it is sacred ground. This is the final resting place of those who died so others could live. May they rest in peace.

Our next stop was the Oakhurst Tea Room where everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch. In fact, the only way Norm could entice the group to leave was to tempt them with our next stop – the Glades Pike Winery. We were welcomed warmly and provided glasses to taste the wines. While the stop was short, it was a win-win situation for both the group and the winery. One could even say that both sides were very happy.

Our last stop was to Quecreek Mine where on July 28, 2002 nine miners, after several days underground, were pulled to safety from a mine accident. Here we learned from Bill Arnold, charismatic speaker, rescuer, and farmer a first-hand narrative of this incident. He descried in vivid detail the steps taken to rescue the miners and the impact on family, friends, and neighbors. All nine miners were saved. After Bill’s presentation, we toured the site of the air pipe and the rescue tube. Inside the museum area were many artifacts of the miners and equipment used in the rescue. It was truly an amazing feat of team effort. It was also a MIRACLE!

As the bus headed back to Pittsburgh, we watched the movie – Pennsylvania, A Miner’s Story made by Disney. It was the true story of the mine accident and rescue operations. Ironically, the movie ended just as we pulled back into our starting point about 7:30 PM. It had been a long day, but one that was memorable. Thanks Norm and Committee – you did a terrific job!

IMG_7878 IMG_7880 IMG_7885 IMG_7887 IMG_7894 IMG_7899


Welcome New Members

I sometimes feel tongue tied when it comes to writing a post to this blog. But thought I would seek your input on memories of ‘getting to SHHS’.

When folks say they had to ‘walk uphill both ways’ to school, I say it is TRUE. I rode the Shannon street car to the Junction. To get to the car I walked Down 121 steps, thru a tunnel and then to the Junction. Then had to walk Up another hundred or so steps to the school.  (Anyone know how many steps up to the HS?)    The return was the same, down a bunch of steps and then UP 121 steps … so in fact I did walk UPHILL both ways.

This is probably true for many of you..  What memories do you have of your commute to HS?



Upcoming Reunion!

The class of 1974 has planned a get together on August 16th.  They graciously are including the classes of 1973 and 1975!

Sunday, August 16th South Park

South Hills High School Class of 1974 will be holding a Class Party/Picnic on Sunday, August 16th at the air-conditioned Buffalo Inn in South Park.

We had a blast last year!! Let’s do it again!!

Classmates will get together from 1-8 p.m. to enjoy reminiscing and more catching up!! Dinner will be served from 3-6 p.m. along with soft drinks, wine and beer or if you prefer BYOB. Entertainment will feature music from our high school years along with “Special Guest Performances.”

To make a reservation, make check to SHHS 74 WE ARE BACK and include name (include maiden name), address, telephone number, email address, social media presences, and guest’s name to:


P.O. Box 16432

Pittsburgh, Pa 15242

The cost of the Picnic/Party:

Before June 30th $35 a person for the early bird price $70 per couple.

After June 30th  $40 per person, $74 per couple.

Any questions please contact:

Bonnie (724-986-0874), Jim (412-928-3825), Greg (412-773-0134),

Sherry (412-932-7291).

For updated information, go to “SHHS Class of 1974 Facebook Page”

Classmates from 1973 and 1975 are Welcome!!!

All about the Seal of SHHS

sealOur SHHS seal that appears on our school rings and in our yearbooks is still being used today in the SHHSAA Sesame Newsletter published 6 times a year.

The original designer credits have been given to Preston Evans, ’19. His design was tops out of 200 contest entries in Miss Jesse Harbison’s art classes. “That was just after the beginning of World War I,” he said in 1973, “and the design was made into a small wooden case and sold for 25 cents to help the Red Cross.”

The History of South Hills High School book co-authored by Warren W. Ashburn 6’57 and Janice Simmons Parker ’57 page 20 elaborates: “Three days after the start of World War I, South Hills High School opened its doors. The need was felt for a school emblem that reflected the prevailing sense of duty and patriotism of the time. Art Director, Miss Jesse Harbison, challenged her students to produce a suitable design. The winning emblem was created by Preston Evans, later to graduate in the school’s first commencement class in 1919. The original emblem was made in a rectangular shape and consisted of a torch entwined with the “S H H S” identify along with the April 9, 1917 opening date. The torch on the seal was intended to symbolize both liberty and the search for learning.

Later James W. Heatley, drawing instructor at the school, changed the rectangle to a circle and added an inner rim reading “South Hills High School, Pittsburgh PA”. The insignia was later altered again by Principal Dr. H.E. Winner who added the words “Leadership – Service in School and Community”.”

Links to some articles about the seal.

SHHS Seal History

SHHS Seal Design

SHHS Dialog..

We have now quite a few ‘registered’ users who can post comments and begin a dialog here.   I appreciate the photos that Mike O’Brien has been posting on Facebook.   The aerial  views of the school were amazing!

Who would have thought downtown Pittsburgh could look so close!

10531436_968026349886533_6493313073581556020_o 10383770_968026329886535_8601923281438274711_o

Please POST IDEA’s for topics here in the discussion area, and if you would like to ‘write a post’ for the Blog, just let me know!


What is the Alumni Association?

Many long years ago (1920!) a group of graduates formed the South Hills High School Alumni Association.  The seek to keep us connected and to benefit the graduates (and descendants of graduates) as they seek to further their education.

    • They bestow many scholarships each year to anyone ‘related’ to a SHHS grad.  The deadline is April 1
    • They honor SHHS graduates who have been recognized as outstanding in their field by inducting them into the Hall of Fame.
    • They publish a quarterly newsletter.  Contact us to request a sample of the Sesame News Newsletter.
    • They hold an annual dinner dance in Pittsburgh to raise money for scholarships.

Please consider joining your Alumni Association. As a group we do a lot of other things, including trips, and publications, but are always in need of new volunteers!

Are you a member?  Why not?